Have Title Or Other Complications? No Problem!

After purchasing dozens and dozens of properties we are rarely surprised at anything. Yet it's quite often when our SELLERS are surprised to find out they have various title issues they weren't aware of. In most cases the sale of the property can't close until and unless such issues are addressed or corrected.

Types Of Title Problems

Problematic or Conflict Situations

The other side of the coin is non-title issues that also must be resolved for the property to be sold. These are things like:

We Have Experience To Handle These Problems

If you already know, or suspect you may have complications such as those listed above - you definitely want to give us a call.
In most cases a real estate agent will not have the time, experience, patience or desire to work through these issues to get you to a closing table.
With 25+ years of experience in buying properties with all kinds of complicated situations we are often able to sort out these issues fairly quickly. We have access to title company pros and lawyers to tackle almost any real estate title problem. Even when the problem persists, we have patience to wait until they get resolved and still guarantee you'll get your money at closing.

In some cases we are even able to close the purchase with the existing title issues or existing conflict situation, so you can get the property sold and move on with your life. 

Call Us For Review of Your Situation

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